Thanks Jenny!

Things haven't been going so well for the people who publish my writing lately.  First my publisher goes bankrupt then the newspaper I write for goes out of business.  Many businesses are struggling in this harsh economic climate.  

Writing is a competitive and somewhat lonely craft.  At times you find yourself wondering if all your hard work is worth it . . . if anything you've written has made any difference.

Well  . . . a few weeks ago I received an e-mail that truly lifted my spirts and gave me the courage to continue writing even when things aren't going so well right now.

A beautiful young woman named Jenny Frogley wrote to me and told me how much my book "The LDS Mother's Almanac" had meant to her.  Her words were so honest and sincere that they truly touched my heart.  When I wrote back to thank her, she told me she wanted to send me her CD as a thank you. 

Now she has touched my heart twice. . . first with her kind words and second with her beautiful singing voice.

Thank you Jenny for taking the time to express your appreciation.  You never know what heart you will touch or how much it will mean to someone when you take the time to say . . . "Thank you".