Happy 8th Birthday Sophia

When You Have Lots of Brothers

by Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 8th Birthday Sophie. I sure do love you sweetheart.

 There are too many boys in this place

I just found a knee in my face

If they don’t stop wrestling soon

I’ll lock myself in my room


There are too many boys in this place

They think everything is one big race

If they don’t stop running around soon

I think I’ll start howling at the moon


There are too many boys in this place

All my things disappear without a trace

If they don’t stop losing my stuff soon

I think I’ll turn into a loony loon


There are too many boys in this place

I’m quickly becoming a mental case

If they don’t stop punching me soon

I’ll turn into a girly goon

Sometimes when I watch them there

Running around in their bares

I wonder, “Is this my lot?”

Maybe being the only sister is not so hot.


For brothers are rowdy most the time.
 They like rocks, dirt and lots of slime
  When they’re bored, they give each other a poke
Soon the whole bathroom floor is soaked


There are days I must confess

When I just can’t stand any more of this mess

So I call Aunt Alisa and say,

“Can we have some girl time today?”


 Then we play with dolls and fix our hair

And she never runs around in her bare.

We sit on the couch and snuggle up

Until I feel like a soft little pup.


Then after a while, I miss them and so

It’s time to go back for another go

For brothers are bouncy balls of energy

But there’s no place I’d rather be


Than in a house full of rowdy boys

And lots of rooms full of messy toys

For my brothers are my very best friends

Who will stand by me to the bitter end.
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