Happy Anniversary Sweetheart

Thirty-eight years ago today I was married and sealed to the man I love in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a bright and early 8 a.m. wedding on a beautiful summer day much like today. We had nothing in the way of worldly goods, but we had each other.

The first years were lean and busy with mice infested apartments, tuition and doctors to pay and the first of our ten children quickly filling our home and hearts . We had three dreams . . . to serve God, each other and our family. Today we are seeing the fulfillment of those dreams in ways we could not have imagined when we were so young and naive.

Last night I saw my sweetheart speaking to hundreds of young women and their leaders at a church sponsored Girl's Camp in the Rocky Mountains at dusk. I was moved to tears by the gentle giant of a man he has become. How I respect, trust and adore him. My decision to marry Ross Baadsgaard has filled my life with incredible joy. All that is most meaningful to me has flowed from our union.

Happy anniversary sweetheart. You are the love of my life.