John is 14

My son John is 14 today.

Some of the things I enjoy most about John's are:

John working on his latest project.
John is an active learner.  He works hard to earn straight A's in school.  But more important he is curious, hard working and creates interesting new projects.

* John shares his love of music.  Right now he is playing the bass in an orchestra, teaching piano lessons and learning to play the guitar.

John in the orchestra

John is kind.  He notices the person who is left out or made fun of at school and makes that person his friend.

John shows his love for his family.  He is always doing kind acts of service for his parents and siblings. 

John is the favorite uncle.
* John is great with children.  He loves his nephews and nieces and they look forward to coming to our home because John is here.

*John gives the best hugs.  If you get a John hug - you know you are loved.

John has a great sense of humor.  He always keeps me laughing.
John dressed for nerd day at school

*John is honest.  I can always count on an honest account or opinion.

*John is dependable.  If John says he will do something - he does it.

* John is a great communicator.  John can express himself with ease.

*John has courage.  John is not afraid to try new and challenging things.  He has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to stand our from the crowd.

John spreading sunshine