Provo City Center Temple Tour

We sure enjoyed our Provo City Center Temple Tour.


Disney World Fun

We sure had fun with Aubrey and Kyle and Rylan and Griffen at Disney World in January.


Birthday Poem for a Sixteen-Year-Old

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday Josh. I sure love you.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I’m old enough to drive.
Everyone stay off the roads,
If you want to survive.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I’m old enough to date.
I hope she says, “Yes,”
Before it is too late.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I fix pizzas with a flare.
Get your Papa Murphy’s
But only if you dare.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I make stuff that explodes.
Parents getting grey hair
Afraid they will implode.

Now that I’m sixteen,
I’m ordained to be a priest
I see a man emerging
At times and places at least

Now that I’m sixteen
I bless the sacrament
In white shirt, tie and suit coat
I knell – a prayer is sent

First the cups are filled
Next I break the bread.
Then slowly I read
And sacred words are said.

 Soon I will leave home
Take Christ’s promise with me -
For I’ll serve a mission
Where God will help me see -

That life is so much more
Than getting just for me.
It is giving and receiving love
Joy and peace you can see.

When I return home
I will grow to be much more
For when you work with God
Your manhood learns to soar


Birthday Poem for a Nine-Year-Old

Grandma Baadsgaarad
Happy Birthday. I love you Isabella with all my heart.

Being nine is surely a sign
I’m growing up too fast.
Afraid my childhood won’t last.
So I won’t waste a day
For running around and play.

Being nine is surely fine
If I don’t miss a day in the sun
Fly to the moon or stay on the run
If I hear music in my heart
Or sing out like a lark

Wow I’m nine - the world is mine!”
I’ll be a lion who roars
Or a bird who dips and soars
I’ll climb every tree
So I’m way up high to see

Turning nine is so divine
I’ll eat birthday treats and say,
“I’m royalty the whole day.”
I’ll open presents and eat cake
There’s a fine party for my sake.

When you’re nine you can’t whine
For whining is for babies -
Not for fine young ladies.
I’m old enough to say, “Sorry and please.”
I’m too old to poke or tease.

When you’re nine people say, “Toe the line.”
But I’ll have you know - I am free
Because I’ll always be me
A little older and a little bolder.
no matter how old I be.