Happy Birthday Matthew

By Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you Matthew

A license to drive
Will help you survive
If you have to go
Somewhere . . . so

Get your 40 hours in
With your nearest kin
Then take the test
And do your best

Then leave with a smile
And drive a few miles
While mom grabs the armrest
And dad does his level best
Not to think about the cost
Insurance money that is lost
When a sixteen year old
Takes the wheel so bold
And smiles through his teeth
Mom and dad feel no relief

For it is a jungle out there
Join in the race if you dare
Even if you know the rules
You learn there are a few fools
Who insist on driving so fast
You’re sure you won’t last

Then you remember you are no pro
You better slow down so
At least you can stop in time
To keep your head from turning to slime
Mom drops to her knees as you drive away
And prays you will return home some day