John Baadsgaard- The MMHS Senior Most Likely to Change the World

My son John was chosen from Maple Mountain High School as the Senior Most Likely To Change the World and he was featured in the Utah Valley Magazine. To read the article click on this site here:


John Baadsgard 

School: Maple Mountain High School
Parents: Ross & Janene Baadsgard
In addition to being an academic powerhouse, John Baadsgard participates in extracurricular activities including the school newspaper, literary magazine and Maple Mountain’s Science Olympiad Team. He is also a gifted musician who sings in multiple school choirs, teaches piano and acts in school plays. Somehow, he still finds time for service — from peer mentoring to planning birthday parties for residents at the local rest home. His love of service will continue with an LDS mission to Copenhagen, Denmark, immediately after high school.
Assistant principal Dave Knudsen says, “John excels in academics, has many friends and serves those around him. He always pushes himself to be the best at all he does.”
Favorite school subjects? Music, science and mathematics.
Favorite quote? Live to bless, not to impress.
What trials have you overcome? Despite a serious injury to my right hand, I have excelled in piano and become the Instrumental Music Sterling Scholar from my high school.
Biggest blessings? My huge and amazing family (10 children).
Favorite local places to eat? Two Jack’s Pizza, Sizzler or Golden Corral.
Most influential teacher? My piano students. They often teach me more than I teach them.
Most common phrase? Practice makes progress.
Plans after high school? After my LDS mission I want to major in neuroscience at BYU and go on to obtain a graduate degree.
How will you change the world? While I do hope to invent medical technology that allows for a better quality of life, I believe I will make the biggest difference by helping one person at a time. If I can help one person see the world in a more positive way, I have changed the world.