Emma's Birthday

Dear Emma,
Happy birthday to my very special granddaughter. You are such a joy to me. I love to see your happy face and sparkly eyes. I love how you always give me a great big hug when you see me.
I have noticed so many good qualities in you:
You are kind. I notice how you notice other people and care about their feelings.
You have a great personality. I notice how you often have a happy smile on your face and something uplifting to say to those around you.
You are generous. I notice how you are quick to give to make those around you happy.
You are a loving sister. I notice how you know how to help Kate with a project or put Rachael to bed.
You are smart. I notice how you work hard to learn and find joy in school.
You are friendly. I notice how you easily find other people to be nice to and easily make friends.
You are beautiful. I notice how your loving spirit shines out through your eyes.
You are capable. I notice how you work hard to figure things out and apply yourself when something is difficult.
I hope you will always remember that you are deeply loved by your Grandma Baadsgaard and that you know what a precious daughter of God you are. As the oldest child in your family you will always be a leader showing your younger sisters the path to follow.
God loves you. Jesus Christ is your best friend. You are a treasure for everyone who knows you. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grandma Baadsgaard

Simon's Blessing Day

Simon with his brother Ryan
Simon on his blessing day.
Simon with his sister Alice.
Simon with his mother Aubrey.
Little Simon
Simon with his brother Griffin
Simon in white
My daughter Aubrey's beautiful family
from left to right: Griffin, Aubrey, Simon, Kyle, Alice and Rylan

Utah Valley Philharmonic Orchestra Concert

I loved listening to my grandson Matthew play with his orchestra.