Happy Birthday Andrew!

Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday to a very special grandson I love.

If Andrew is turning seven
Then he can’t be eleven
So let’s shout hurray
For this birthday boy today

Sometimes he sits still
Other times his wiggle will
Bust right out of his skin
And make the fun begin

For Andrew is like the sun
Before the day is done
He runs fast as the breeze
So remember if you please

He likes a big high jump
His arms are circle pumps
Swings right through the air
So notice if you dare

He will climb right to the moon
Then be back by noon
And eat blueberry pie
When it’s the fourth of July

He also likes to snuggle
And if you give him a huggle
He’ll squeeze your neck so tight
Your heart explodes in delight

For Andrew is a treasure
A jewel without measure
For a boy who is turning seven
Is a little piece of heaven