Celebrating Pioneer Day

Our family had a great time celebrating Pioneer Day. Some of us slept at the cabin on Friday night, had a free breakfast at Stokes in Salem then attended the parade in Spanish Fork. Others enjoyed the pioneer activities at the Pioneer Park in Provo. My favorite part of the parade was watching how delighted my grandson Rylan was to see all the floats, marching bands, and especially those who walked up to him and threw him candy. After filling his pockets he decided to return the favor. He filled his hands with candy and threw back it at the people in the parade hoping to spread the joy. Then we had a great BBQ up at the cabin where some of the grandchildren tried their hand a fishing up at the pond. Next we lit sparklers, picked grapes and jumped on the tramp back at home. Fireworks came last in Mapleton and what a show it was. These wonderful pictures were taken by my daughter Arianne who helps me make a visual record of all our family fun. Thanks Annie. Pin It