Motherhood Rewards

   To put it bluntly this motherhood country
Is not for the faint of heart
For you will find your mind just won't unwind
And this will be your part:

My breasts need a rest
My day's gone away
My son is undone
My teen split a spleen
My road is a load
My land needs a hand
My all is a wall
My name is a game

I'll never be the same

But soon you'll confess even in all of this mess
That you like this motherhood plan
Helping God bring to earth by you giving birth
To the souls of the family of man

So before you perish please remember to cherish
Each child God gives you to tend
When you're over the hill and sitting very still
They might come back home again

Of all worldly pleasures even by the strictest measures
Grandchildren are the sweetest rewards
So just keep on working and going berserking
And you'll never be lonely or bored