Family Reunion 2012

We had a terrific family reunion this weekend. My sweet husband, children and grandchildren bring me real incredible joy.
Some of my favorite moments were:
*watching the grandchildren give each other clown hair with a shower caps, shaving cream and Cheetos.
*clapping while Karen did the happy dance after a great turn at the bowling alley with all the girls.
*Breathing a sigh of relief when all the boys walked back through the door alive after going to the shooting range together.
*having my youngest child Alisa and and oldest grandchild Josh perform their first baptisms at the temple.
*seeing my children dressed in white at the temple.
*listening to family members express their love for each other as we sat in a circle on the deck at the cabin.

We missed Martha because she was helping her father after open heart surgery and Caleb because he was the first person in our family to go to heaven.
The love of God and family
                                         is everything.                                                                    

From my daughter Arianne's perspective:

Every member of my immediate family gathered yesterday evening. My parents paused, in awe, to regard how quickly ten children have multiplied in only a few years. Imagine ten, fifty, a hundred years from now! It's not something you grasp when you're a new parent--the immensity of your influence.

I thought about the days when Mom and Dad were in my shoes, wrestling little ones. Feeling so tired but pressing onward anyway. All that is good and beautiful in my heart started there with them. If I could go back in time to my pigtails and petticoats, this is what I would tell them.

There's a ripple created, Mama and Daddy, each time you choose to hold and hug me. Each time you reach out for me in tenderness when I am screaming back at you. Each time you scoop up my tired legs and carry me in your arms. Each time you set aside your own interests to read and sing to me. Each act is a ripple spreading outward.

Some day my hands will wrap around your grandchildren. I will reach for them in gentleness the way you showed me. They will grow strong swimming in a pool of safety and love. There will be dozens of children who are carried by a loving, gentle current you created, one ripple at a time.

It is then you will know heaven. For heaven is simply this--little acts of love moving ever, forever outward.

That's what I'd say to them if I could go back. And this is what I'd show them--these photos I took last night of their love, multiplied. All my brothers and sisters and their spouses gathered their little ones up to listen to Grandma and Grandpa. It was a sea of squirming, wiggling, hugging love. And it was breathtaking.


Celebrating Pioneer Day

Our family had a great time celebrating Pioneer Day. Some of us slept at the cabin on Friday night, had a free breakfast at Stokes in Salem then attended the parade in Spanish Fork. Others enjoyed the pioneer activities at the Pioneer Park in Provo. My favorite part of the parade was watching how delighted my grandson Rylan was to see all the floats, marching bands, and especially those who walked up to him and threw him candy. After filling his pockets he decided to return the favor. He filled his hands with candy and threw back it at the people in the parade hoping to spread the joy. Then we had a great BBQ up at the cabin where some of the grandchildren tried their hand a fishing up at the pond. Next we lit sparklers, picked grapes and jumped on the tramp back at home. Fireworks came last in Mapleton and what a show it was. These wonderful pictures were taken by my daughter Arianne who helps me make a visual record of all our family fun. Thanks Annie. Pin It


Radio Talk Show Interview on Healing From Abuse

I was interviewed on a radio talk show onWednesday July 25 from 5-6 p.m.
Here's a little information about the interview.
Diana Hoffman
Host of Healing Talk Radio Show

live on the air Wednesdays 5 pm - 6 pm MT on KHQN 1480 AM

see the archived video simulcast on http://healingtalkradio.utahvalleylive.com

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Customer's Review of Healing From Abuse

I just found this customer review for my new book on Deseret Book's web site.

"This is possibly the best book on abuse that I have ever read. Despite the author's no-nonsense approach to the devastating effects of abuse on both perpetrator and victim, the overall message of the book is one of hope. Easy to read and navigate, this beautifully written book seamlessly mingles spiritual insights, practical advice and anonymous firsthand accounts in a truly inspirational way. True to its title, Healing From Abuse centers on the key role of Christ's atonement in escaping and healing from the abuse cycle. In accomplishing this, the book grants readers a profound look into the psychology of abuse and the major obstacles all involved parties face in the quest for change and healing. Healing From Abuse is an essential guidebook for the abused, abusers and the friends and family of both parties that walks readers through how to overcome the effects of abuse. This book is both eye-opening and inspirational and is a must-read for anyone who has experienced abuse or knows someone who is struggling with an abusive relationship."
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God's love is all around us


Savor the beauty
of the small
each blade of grass
each raindrop
the love of God
is all around you

but first
we must
slow down
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Apricot Harvest

What do you do if you have too many apricots?
                                                                                                        SHARE. . .
  Apricot pie with an almond and date crust. This is what my daughter Arianne made for all of us.
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Our Harvest

What began this spring
as a tiny flower
and a whisper of hope,
has become my backyard harvest.
We're told we only reap
what we sew.
Yet there is more . . .
and rain
come not from us.
Our harvest is not ours
but God's. 

My sweetheart and I
recently celebrated
our 37th wedding anniversary.
What began as a whisper of love
has blossomed
into a large, loving family.
Our harvest is not ours
but God's. 

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Happy 4th of July!

You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice
will prove instead to be the greatest investment
 that you will ever make.
Gordan B. Hinckley
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Everything We Give Comes Back Even Sweeter

I have more cherries than I need at my house and offered to share them.

Last week my daughter Arianne and granddaughter Sophia picked cherries from my sour cherry tree. I loved watching them pick together as the canyon breeze blew and the dappled sunlight made each cherry as bright as rubies. I pushed my grandson Liam in the swing while his brothers Sam and Logan played on the grass.

I've discovered that one of the secrets of a happy life is knowing that when we share, we always get more . . . not less.
Arianne and Sophie thanked me and left.

Then a few days later I saw the beaming faces of Arianne and Sophia with outstretched hands offering me a delicious home-made cherry pie.

Loving my husband and children has filled my life with meaning, purpose and indescribable joy.
Now as I watch my children loving their children - I know.
Everything we give always comes back . . . even sweeter.                                                 Pin It