A Teenager's Letter to MOM

Dear MOM,
I don't want to clean up my bedroom
I like to live in this mess
I don't want to pick up my clothes either
I just want to watch TV and rest

So get off my back would you mother
I don't need clean underwear
I don't need to find my homework
I don't need to sleep either, I swear

So just close my door and be grateful
That you don't have to live like that
I'll let you know when the health department
Comes and forces out all the bats

You say it looks like a bomb hit
Cause there's stuff all over the place
But I say it's just teenage artistic expression
And the pizza bones are not a disgrace

Someday when I'm grownup and famous
You'll say, "Why I used to her Mom.
I thought she'd grow up to be a big slob
But look she's actually got some charm."