Here is a picture of me in September 2012 with the Spanish Fork Pioneer Cemetery
 in the background showing the replica headstones, story boards and the granite marker
 listing the names of those who are buried here.
I love this place and feel so grateful
that I was able to play a part in the restoration of this sacred ground. 

Child in pioneer clothing placing flowers at the grave
during the Spanish Fork Pioneer Cemetery
Re-dedication Ceremony in 2009.

I was asked to be the chairman of the committee to restore the Spanish Fork Pioneer Cemetery.
It is now a beautiful and sacred place to visit.
This is the beautiful life-size statue of a pioneer family in the cemetery
made possible by donations to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.
Before we restored the cemetery
 it was a weed patch.
This is the  old monument erected in the 1940's.
I'm showing where the old grave markers were used like bricks.
Story Board with the words from my talk at the re-dedication of the Spanish Fork Pioneer Cemetery
I helped write the words on the monument that appears side by side with the old one at the cemetery.
This is a picture of the old monument with the old fence around it.
This is the old monument with only a few of the names of those buried here.

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Janene Baadsgaard said...

Go to this post for a list of pioneers buried in the pioneer cemetery.