Birthday Poem for a Five-Year Old

Clowns Smiles
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 5th birthday Rylan. I love you very much.
Here is the clown story you wanted.

“Why are you smiling?” said Rylan to the clown
He answered, “I always paint on a smile when I’m feeling down.”
“But if you’re feeling blue why don’t you paint a frown?”
“Because a frown is just a smile turned upside down.”
Everyone has sad days - we don’t need to spread ‘em around
Because then we’ll make other’s smiles turn upside down.

Then Rylan went home to his house in the woods
Full of, “don’t do that and Rylan maybe you should”
“Brush your teeth and clean your room
And don’t make a flipper out of your spoon.”
And when he built a tower it was knocked down by his brother
So he ran to the kitchen to tattle to his mother
“Griffen knocked my tower down,” Rylan said with a big frown.
“He doesn’t know better - don’t make those grouchy sounds.”
So Rylan did a cartwheel until his head was pointing down
Then his frown became a smile that wasn’t turned upside down

Now when his days are gloomy and nothing goes his way
Rylan knows how to change things so he still wants to play
He takes the muscles in his face all pointing to the ground
And turns them up to make a smile so he’s nice to be around

No one makes us mad or sad, we simply choose the way
We respond when life’s battles are at bay
If we choose to see what’s right in all those who are near
We sport a smile and always have lots of reasons to cheer.