Baadsgaard Family Reunion 2016

Over Memorial day weekend we had our Baadsgaard reunion 
at Heber Valley Camp! 
Some of the highlights were: 
Yummy food 
Canoeing and paddle boarding on the lake 
Camp Fires 
Family history fireside presented by Jordan 
Funny games planned by Amy and Aden 
Dancing under the Pavilion 


Baadsgaard Family Man Camp 2016

Once a year all the men and boys in the Baadsgaard family
go to "Man Camp"
where they go camping, 4-wheeling, fishing and hiking. 
They know how to have fun. This is nature's teeter-totter.
Grandpa at sunset.

Brothers Andrew and Daniel
Andrew on Jake's boat
Grandpa Baadsgaard hugging Andrew
Andrew on nature's tee-ter-totter.
Daniel on Grandpa 4-wheeler
Brad catching a fish
Daniel ready for a 4-wheeler ride
Two cousins named Daniel hugging each other.
Jake with his catch
Brothers Logan and Sam riding natures playground.