Happy Birthday Logan

This is a special poem written for my grandson Logan on his third birthday. 
Happy Birthday Logan! Your grandma loves you very much!


Janene Baadsgaard

Alias Granny B

When Logan wakes up with the sun
He climbs off the top bunk bed
Finds his dinosaur T-shirt
And pulls it over his head

When Logan finds a shiny rock
And holds it in his hand
He has to throw it very hard
To see where it will land

When Logan finds his airplane
He holds it in his hand
Then off it flies through the air
To see wherever it might land

When Logan goes to the park
He finds the scariest slide
Then climbs so high he touches the sky
And watches a bird fly by

When Logan finds a long stick
He holds it in his hand
Then fights a duel to the death
With his big brother, mighty Sam

When Logan’s feeling tired
He finds his favorite book
And snuggles close to momma
She turns pages so he can look

When Logan goes to bed at night
His mouth opens in a yawn
Then he says his prayers
And Mommy sings a song

“Logan is my treasure
So dear and strong and brave
For him I’ll fight any dragon
My precious boy to save.”

Then Logan closes his eyes and sighs
And soon he’s fast asleep
Robot in one hand, a flashlight in the other
His dreams are rich and deep