Choosing to Love in a Loved Starved World

February is the month we celebrate Valentines Day.  Just today someone told me that they hate Valentines Day because it makes them feel alone and unloved.  I wonder if feelings of being alone and unloved come when we depend on others to fill our love cup.

We don’t have to be disillusioned when we don’t get the love we want from others. The only thing we have any control over is the quality of love we offer.

Too often we find ourselves holding back love, afraid of being hurt – giving only to get - sharing love only when we feel love coming back. Our hearts will keep getting smaller and the world will keep getting colder when we live that way. 

Love won’t fail us as long as we give it. When we choose to love, we live in a warm inner world of appreciation, gratitude and affection.

There is nothing more important to do with our lives than love someone.

Ultimately every sacrifice we make for another human being contains our life’s greatest meaning – every choice to love, our life’s greatest purpose.