"Look Mom! It's Jesus!"

Once I was holding my young daughter’s hand while we passed an ill-kept homeless man on the street. He had a long beard, dirty clothes, and smelled of body odor, liquor and tobacco. I lowered my eyes and kept my distance, hoping he wouldn’t ask me for a handout. My young daughter, on the other hand, stopped then suddenly dropped my hand and ran over to the man.
She stood perfectly still - starring up at him  in wide-eye awe.
Then she said, “Look Mom! It’s Jesus!”

The homeless man gently tilted his head in acknowledgement and smiled back at my little girl. Then he glanced up at me with a glimmer in his eyes. We were both humbled at the reverent way my daughter had seen him.

Each of us has great value and worth. When we learn to see each other and ourselves through the loving eyes of a child we will rediscover the infinite beauty of each son and daughter of God.