Poem for a Two-Year-Old

Alice is Two
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy two-year-old birthday Alice. 
I love you SO much. 
Thinking about you makes me smile.

If you feel a wiggle
And really have to giggle
It’s time to shimmy and to shine
To be a princess divine

If you feel a gust
Of energy that must
It’s time to leap from the chair
For anyone who dares

If you feel a bumble
Rumbling in your tumble
It time to grab the treats
And find a comfy seat

If you feel a smile
Filling your face in style
It’s time for a great big hug
With mommy beetle bug

If you feel a wink
Right before you blink
It’s time for a Daddy ride
Swinging side to side

If you feel a grump
From a Griffy lump
It’s time to scream and roar
And say you want no more

If you feel a snuggle
It’s time for a huggle
And a book to read
With Rylan in the lead

And when nighttime comes
And all the day is done
It’s time for a ride to bed
For this little sleepy head