Poem For A Three-Year-Old

Liam Is Three You See

      By Grandma Baadsgaard       

Happy 3rd Birthday Liam. I love you very much.


 Sometimes when you’re two

You can’t always find your shoe

And if your find your shoe

Then your socks have lost their glue


Sometimes when you’re two

A stick will catch a fish

Sparklers make you rich

Dandelions grant your wish


Then suddenly you’re three

With all the world to see

You look up to the sky

Let go of Mom’s hand . . . and sigh


 For when you’re turning three

You must jump into the sea

Or dive under a blanket and be

The king of magic who is free


For soon you will be four

So now’s the time to roar

Your brave has room for more

Leap, spread your wings and soar


For when you’re three you fly

When Dad throws you up high

Then laughs and holds your hand

When you come down again.
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