Don't Be a Lazy Grandma

DOWN HOME with Granny B

The other day I was tending my grandson Mitchel while his mother April took care of his brother Caleb at the Primary Children's Hospital.  Mitchel is a very verbal four-year-old who makes delightful company.  First we read books, then we played with a construction set.  After I demonstrated how to make a space ship, Mitchel looked up at me with stars in his eyes and said, "You're the awesomest Grandma in the world!"

Well I was feeling pretty good about myself after that.  So we moved on to snack time.  When I needed a break to get some housework done, I gave Mitchel a fish that absorbed water and tripled in size after you placed it in a bowl of water.  

"Here watch this!" I said, hoping to keep him entertained for a few minutes.  
After three seconds Mitchel said, "I think this is boring Grandma.  How about we go outside and you can watch me jump on the trampoline?  Then we can come back inside and this fish will be huge!"

So I agreed because I am old enough to know that housework is always there - but children, on the other hand, they grow up and move away.

I watched Mitchel jumping for quite a while and then I got bored  So I wandered around our barn.
Then I heard Mitchel yell from the trampoline, "Grandma come and look at this awesome spider web I found!"
"I'll be there in a minute," I answered, taking my time to make it back to the trampoline because I was too busy being a grown up.

"Grandma!" Mitchel said, "Don't be a lazy Grandma!  Be an awesome Grandma!"
How can you say no to that? So I sprinted over and took a look at the spider web.  Mitchel was right.  It was awesome.

Mitchel, thanks for reminding how to be an awesome Grandma to my awesomest grandson Mitchel.