Birthday Poem For a Three-Year-Old

Tessa’s  Three
Grandma Baadsgaard
I love you my sweet little Tessa dear

Tessa is three so shout hooray!
For this little girl is on her way
She likes to jump and skip and shout
Sometimes she wears her mommy out

Tessa lives in Florida where green alligators bite
But she thinks those scary guys are just alright
If they come too close, she moves her finger and toes
And just to be safe, she checks her cute little nose

When it gets light she says, “Turn the dark on!”
When it gets dark, she says, “Bring on the dawn!”
For Tessa is a magic girl with stardust in her eyes
Who finds flower fairies that are just her size.

When Daddy says, “Sit down and eat your soup.”
Tessa says “Father dear, I don’t give a hoot.”
“But I will put spaghetti in my hair
And dance down the hall in my rather bare.”

“I will chomp on my food and hiccup and burp
And if you give me soup, I’ll be sure to slurp
Both of Tessa’s parents roll their eyes
Because they know who she really is inside

So Mommy says, “Tessa let’s do snuggles.”
And Daddy adds to that, “Let’s do cuddles.”
Then Tessa races into her parent’s arms
And soon it is all kisses and hugs in a swarm.

For when you’re three you have wings to soar

And before you know it you’re turning four.