Thank You Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney gave an address in 1999 to the Marriott School convocation at BYU. He explored ways to measure our life's journey. This speech was recently re-printed in the BYU alumni Magazine BYU/MAGAZINE winter 2013 volume 67, number 1. Here are a few gems:

"There's an element of unpredictability, of uncertainty, of lottery, if you will, in the world that has been created for us. If you judge your life's success by the world's standards, you may be elated or you may be gravely disappointed . . . What will you live for? The ability to live with integrity with the core of our values of love, family, service, and devotion is entirely up to us. Fundamentally, this is the business of successful living."

"On my father's 80th birthday, I asked him what had brought him the most satisfaction in his life, what his greatest accomplishment was. He had been a three-term governor, United States Cabinet member, presidential candidate, CEO, multimillionaire, and prominent Church leader. His answer was immediate: "My relationship with your mother and with my children and grandchildren is my greatest accomplishment and satisfaction."

"Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel, voiced the same truth in an interview on the Today Show. She explained that being a mother was her life's greatest accomplishment."

"Unless you purposefully hold fast to living first by your innermost values, . . . you will read too much into your worldly successes and, perhaps just as dangerously, read too much into your worldly setbacks."

"They(the world) do not measure your worth nor define your success unless you choose for them to do so."

"When living in integrity with your core values, your success and fulfillment are not subject to votes, to others' opinions, or to chance."

And may I add . . . Mitt thank you for choosing to live a life of integrity. Thank you for being willing to run for the highest office in this land. Thank you for always putting your family and your values first. God bless you and your family for the example you are to all of us. Though many of us are disappointed that you didn't win the presidential race, none of us are disappointed with the life you've lived. Thank you. Pin It