Happy Birthday Rachel

By Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy birthday to my sunshine girl. I love you Ray-Ray

Rachel . . . better known as Ray-Ray
Is sunshine walking through my door
And even if I don’t ask for it
She’ll give me a hug and so much more.
For Rachel’s eyes light up when she sees me
And mine eyes light up for her
And when she jumps into my arms
I am pretty darn sure
That I’ve just stepped into heaven
As she holds me oh so tight
And thinks my old Granny face
Is her greatest delight
When I put her down, she nuzzles up to me
And whispers into my ear, “Grandma
Do you have some more treats I can see?”
Rachel knows how to brighten every room
With her twirls and smiles and more
For Ray-Ray is my piece of sunshine
She makes my heart just soar.