I'm a New Grandma Today!

I went to court in Orem today and watched the proceedings as my newest grandson Bradley Joel was formally adopted by my son Joseph and his wife Martha.  Case workers, court appointed advocates, lawyers and a judge were there along with a whole court room full of family and friends to witness and celebrate. The judge had each person stand and state their name and their relationship to Bradley Joel. The judge said this young man certainly has an army of family and friends to love and support him. She had Joseph and Martha each tell the court how they felt about Joel. As they spoke, the tears began to flow as they expressed their love. Martha said she felt like she'd won the lottery. The judge then spoke directly to Joel and asked him if he understood what was happening and if he gave his consent. Bradley Joel said yes with a huge smile.  The judge even gave him a big teddy bear, candy bar and a hug.  There was not a dry eye in the room.  When the judge signed the legal documents and said it was done we all cheered and clapped.  I am so blessed to have Bradley Joel for my newest grandson.  I love you Joel with all my heart.