Josh's Mission Call

My grandson Josh Moody 
received his mission call 
to Roseville CA today. 
He leaves on August 15th.

Visiting Childhood Homes

This is the home where I lived from the age six months to eight years old in Union. (1954-1962)
This home is all that remains of the 
charming neighborhood where I grew up. 

Now this little house is surrounded 
by commercial buildings on all sides. 
The family who bought it from my parents 
still has family members living there.
This is the home where my family lived 
when I became engaged and married.
Ross and I were married and sealed 
in the Salt Lake Temple on June 27th 1975 
and had our reception in the back yard.
The southern Utah mural my mother painted 
under the deck is still there but a little faded.
That alcove is where we formed our wedding guest line.
My husband asked me to marry him while we were parked in front of this home one night in March 
two months after returning from mission to Samoa.
Marrying Ross was the best decision I ever made.
Happy anniversary honey!