Building Nests

In an old cherry tree just outside my kitchen window, I watch robins build a nest for their young every spring.  

Nest building is a careful and deliberate job.  For days the robin hops around my garden carefully collecting bits of mud and tiny pieces of grass and twigs.  

One sunny morning it happens - tiny eggs appear inside the feathered cocoon.  If I foolishly suppose the mother is away and climb a ladder to get a closer look at the delicate blue orbs -  the mother, who is always near, suddenly swoops and dives around my head to protect her young. 

Then comes warming and waiting.  One bright morning, quite unexpectedly, I see tiny heads and beaks bob up and down above the matted mud and straw.  These are busy days - searching for worms - constant feedings.  

Soon the young birds with new feathers take their first awkward free fall from the nest.  For several days the mother stays near by keeping guard - watching, teaching, and protecting her young from preditors as they gradually learn the secrets of flight.

Mothers . . . nest builders, guardians, nourishers and teachers of the next generation.  Mothers . . . inspiring, uplifting with gentle watchcare as their young find their wings . . .  and learn to fly.