Autumn. . . Change Feels Like Dying

                                        As the seasons change it feels like the world is dying.

     When life requires us to change, we also feel like we are dying. Yet I believe that life happens for us not to us. Every day the circumstances we encounter require us to choose...love or fear.

     Autumn ushers in a time of dark and cold - nature's last flame of color before the winter. Yet no matter how dark, long or cold the winter. . . spring always follows for those who wait with patience and a willingness to change.
    Life can be painful. Yet we always have a choice. We can learn from the pain and become a better person or we can refuse to feel pain, blame someone else, get mad or attempt to go around it. The problem is we can't really go around pain. We can only hide from heartbreak or deny pain. Hiding from and denying pain is one definition of mental illness. 

     We can choose to feel pain and move through it. Pain hurts, but when we own it, we have the opportunity to become a new person with a deeper capacity to of see, feel and experience life. That is the definition of mental health.

     Don't be afraid . . . choose change . . . choose love.


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