Birthday Poem For a Three-Year-Old

Gideon the Great
By Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy 3rd birthday to a wonderful little boy who gives me great joy.

When you’re three
You can see
What others might ignore
Because you see
What you please
All a delight in store

You like to laugh
As you take a bath
When Mom says stop,
Up you pop.
Splash water on the floor
Then you do it some more.

Three is for playing
And three is for saying
Exactly what’s on your mind
Even if it includes your behind
Parents blush
Tell you to hush
But hushing is not for you
Unless you have the flu
Which means you’re rather sick
But you know just the trick
For jumping out of bed
And landing on your head
And dashing through the house
Never a quiet as a mouse

You’d rather be up there
Climb that mountain if you dare
There is no stopping you
If there is something you want to do
So hold on tight mom and dad
There’s no need to be sad
Messes and magic galore
For the three-year-old you adore

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