Did I Lose A Day Or Am I Losing My Mind?

DOWN HOME with Granny B

I'm starting to wonder if I'm losing it.  Maybe it's not full blown Alzheimer's but I think it's halfzheimers.  Thought I was doing so great today . . . got the hubby and children off to work and school, did my workout video and cleaned the house - then off to orchestra.  But when I get there. . .  no one else is there.  I'm thinking . . . didn't I read the e-mail carefully.  Is this where we are suppose to rehearse today?  Where is everybody?  How strange.  Everybody forgot but me?  Oh, well . . . I'll just go shopping instead. 

It took me the rest of the day to realize that it was Tuesday and not Wednesday.  Nobody was at orchestra practice because we practice on Wednesday.  Why did I think it was Wednesday when it was Tuesday?  I don't know.  But I did ask my husband to tell me what day of the week it is before he leaves for work from now on. 


shirlgirl said...

I've had those days myself and have had to stop and think about it for a minute. It's normal! You were just so excited about going to rehearsal that it was the most important item on your "to do" list for the day. But remember, today is Wednesday and off you go to practice. Have fun!

arianne said...

Halfziemers. Ha! You crack me up.