Sammy's Inexplicable Day

Sammy’s Inexplicable Day


Janene Baadsgaard

(alias Granny B)

(This is a special story written for my grandson Sammy on his seventh birthday.)

When Sammy woke up on his seventh birthday he didn’t know that this was going to be an inexplicable day. Sammy crawled out of bed, rubbed his eyes, yawned and walked into the bathroom.

When Sammy looked in the mirror, he saw Karate Khan staring back at him. Karate Kahn was dressed in a loose fitting white shirt and pants and had a black belt tied around his waist. Sammy’s eyes popped open. Karate Kahn’s eyes popped open. Sammy yawned. Karate Kahn yawned. Sammy poked his finger up his nose. Karate Kahn pocked his finger up his nose.

“Ahhh!!!” Sammy yelled running down the stairs.

Sammy rushed around the corner and found his mother pouring milk into his bowl of corn flakes in the kitchen.

“Mom,” Sammy said. “I’m Karate Kahn!”

Sammy’s mom looked at him sympathetically and smiled.

“I know you want karate lessons but we can’t afford them right now,” his mother answered.

“No Mom. Look at me. I’m Karate Kahn. Can’t you see my black belt?”

Sammy’s mother turned and looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“I just see your pajamas,” she answered.

“What?!” Sammy said looking down. All Sammy saw was his pajamas. “Oh, Mom. You made the magic go away because you don’t believe me.”

“Sammy. You’re too old for make believe.”

“It’s not make believe Mom,” Sammy said. “It’s real.”

Sammy sat down on the stool next to his sister Sophia and ate his soggy corn flakes. Then he grabbed his little sister by the hand and climbed the stairs back to the bathroom. When Sammy looked in the mirror he saw Karate Kahn again.

“Look Sophie!” Sammy said pointing in the mirror. Can you see I’m Karate Kahn?”

“Yes!” Sophia said. “I’m Princess Perplexity. Do you see?” Sammy looked in the mirror. He saw Sophia in her pajamas. “Princess Perplexity is wearing a gold crown and a sparkly dress.”

“I think I can see her,” Sammy said. “What color is the dress?”

“Purple,” Sophia said. “Purple with primrose rubies and voilet trim.”

“I can see it!” Sammy said.

Just then Sammy and Sophia’s mother walked into the bathroom.

“You two need to brush your teeth and get dressed,” she said.

“I’m Karate Kahn,” Sammy said.

“I’m Princess Perplexity,” Sophia added. “Look in the mirror and you shall see dear mother.”

Sammy’s mother looked in the mirror. All she saw was Sammy and Sophia in their pajamas. Then she scratched her head.

“Oh . . . now I know what the problem is,” Sammy’s mother said. “When I was a little girl I used to go in my closet then grab the clothes hanger pole with both hands. Next I’d climb up the back closet wall with my bare feet and flip over the top. When I came out of my closet, I could be anybody I wanted to be. I just need to go into the closet. I’ll be right back.”

Sammy and Sophie’s eyes popped open. They had never seen their mother behave like this before. They watched as she stepped into the closet and closed the door. They heard thumping and bumping. When their mother emerged from the closet, she was wearing a silky cloth draped over her head and she also had a jewel hanging from her forehead.

“I am the Queen of Sheba,” Sammy’s mother said, “and you cannot steal my kingdom mighty Kahn. Get ready for a duel to the death.”

Karate Kahn leaped into position. Then he bared his teeth and formed hands of steel ready to karate crunch.

“Hi-yah Ha!” Karate Kahn yelled.

After a mighty duel that included shower curtain rips and momentous leaps over the toilet, the Queen of Sheba fell dead on the floor. In a sudden display of great remorse for what he had done, Karate Kahn knelt down at the queen’s side and wept.

“What will we do without the Queen of Sheba to pour our corn flakes?” Karate Kahn sobbed.

“There is nothing to fear,” Princess Perplexity said grabbing the toilet plunger. “I will bring her back to life with my magic spell. Watch this! Alakazab and fiddle-de-beeba, come back to life, Queen of Sheba!”

Slowly and with excellent stage presence, the Queen of Sheba awakened from the dead and stood next to the sink with her newly donned towel cloak. Then she thrust her hand high in the air and made her first command.

“I decree that this is national eat cake and ice cream day,” she said.

Karate Kahn, Princess Perplexity and the Queen of Sheba marched down stairs to prepare for their feast. Before they could eat their first bite, Loofy Liam screamed from his swamp crib and Loony Logan howled like a wolf from his potty chair.

“We must rescue our loyal subjects in distress,” Princess Perplexity said.

“Have no fear. I will save Liam and Logan,” Karate Kahn said.

“Yes,” the Queen of Sheba said. “Go brave warrior. Let loose your mighty skills. Vanquish swamp cribs and pernicious potty chairs.”

Karate Kahn courageously marched into the fray. Suddenly the Queen of Sheba and Princess Perplexity heard loud shrieking, thumping and bumping. Then fell an eerie silence. Finally in walked Karate Kahn with Liam held high above his head and Logan trailing close behind.

“We are all safe and together at last,” Karate Kahn said as trumpets blared.

“Let us eat cake!” Queen of Sheba commanded. “For today is the birthday of the mighty Karate Kahn.”

So they all sat down and ate cake and ice cream until they could eat no more.

Happy Birthday Sammy.  Grandma Baadsgaard loves you very much!


arianne said...

LOVE it.

April said...

Perfect story for a special guy! xo!

Kristine said...

I don't know Sammy, but I do know Bradley and I do know karate and that was a great story! Thanks for sharing it and all of your wonderful posts. Love, Kris Kelly