My Forest

When my husband and I moved into our present home twenty years ago, I told him I'd always dreamed of living by a forest.  We bought two acres along with this home but most of it was in pasture. 

We live in Utah where pine trees only grow in the mountains.  So if you want pine trees you have to plant them and carefully tend and water them because we don't get much rainfall.

My husband listened to my dream and found a way to make it come true.  One day he brought home a small box filled with what looked like small sticks.  He told me he was going to plant me a forest.  I didn't really believe those sticks were trees.  I thought he was teasing me.  But he carefully planted them and enlisted our children to help him keep them watered with buckets of water hand carried to each tree for a very long time. 

Now when I look out my kitchen window each day  - I see my forest . . . and I think about my husband taking care of those trees for twenty years just for me.  Every day I walk outside to my forest and breathe in the fresh pine scented air and think about how much my husband loves me.

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Amy said...

Hi Janene, I'm in your ward :). I came across this post, and I loved it - you have a very beautiful way of writing, thanks for sharing.
- Amy Sorensen