Poem for a Seven-Year-Old Girl

Libby is Seven
Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy Birthday Libby. I sure do love you.
I hope you have a great birthday.

I do not like to hurry,” said Libby to her Mom
“In fact I’m pretty certain; I’d rather sing a song.”

“Am I your ray of sunshine?” said Libby to her Dad
“Libby Ray you make my day, you make me feel so glad.”

“I love your hugs and kisses,” said Libby to brother
“Even though you tackle me, I’d never want another.”

“I like to see you sing and dance,” said Libby to her Sandy.
“You’re costume and your hair just so; you really are a dandy.”

I love to hear you play the piano,” said Libby to her Emily
Your music makes me want to waltz; your fingers are my melody.”

“I love your chubby cheeks, said Libby to her baby.
“You make me smile for a while and even a little bit crazy.”

“Boy oh boy, you better watch out,” said Libby to the night.
“My moon-lake monster sparkle spray will make you lose your might.”

“My goodness, I sure do love you,” said Libby to grandmother.
“I especially like your candy jar; it is better than any other.”

“I sure do like your big bear hugs,” said Libby to her grandpa.
“You always tease with so much ease; you’re the best I ever saw.

So . . . Libby’s family says,

 “You are our piece of sunshine, our ray of hope and love.
“With Libby in our family, it feels like heaven above.”

“We like you. We love you; you’re scrumscious and delicious.
You are the apple of our eye; the gold in all our wishes.”

Libby Lou we sure love you!

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