Celebrating Caleb's Birthday

The greatest gift I ever received on my birthday was my grandson Caleb. This year we celebrated his brief but meaningful life with my daughter April's family on January 6th. First we gathered at his grave site. When we arrived we discovered that several treasured family friends had been there before us to leave a token of their love and remembrance. As we opened our hands and watched the balloons soar up into the evening sky, we each whispered our love and promise to keep spreading his message of peace, love and joy to those around us.
Then we left the cemetery and gathered around the Moody family table for a warm dinner and birthday cake complete with song and candles. Then Caleb gave each of his brothers the gift of tickets to a family outing for all of them to enjoy together.
After dinner we watched the video we made of his life for his funeral and also a video my son John made where each grandparent and brother and sister was filmed sharing their favorite memories of Caleb. The music and pictures of Caleb on the video made it feel like he was with us again.
Happy Birthday Caleb! I love you and miss you.
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shirlgirl said...

Very touching, and what a lovely way to celebrate Caleb's life.

April said...

tears... thanks mom.

April said...

tears... I love you mom...thanks for sharing the evening with us.