Poem for a One-Year-Old

Lily’s Poem

By Grandma Baadsgaard
Happy First Birthday Lily.
I love you.
You make my heart sing.


Did you know Lily’s turning one today
So everybody should shout hurray
With a darling dimple on each cheek
And two chubby feet that play hide and seek

Lily can chase your troubles away
Her smile keeps all your grown-up worries at bay
For Lily spreads sunshine where ever she goes
As she wiggles her nose and fingers and toes

She makes everyone happy with a turn of her head
And if you are listening you’ll hear what she said


“Mommy, just keep holding me tight
And don’t forget to kiss me goodnight.”
“Daddy, I sure like your big bear hugs
I’ll always be your cute beetle bug.”

Grandma, “Thanks for tending me
When Mommy’s busy with piano-bee.”
Grandpa, “Thanks for candy treats
And lots and lots of Sunday sweets.”

This big wide world is pretty great
When I have all you guys in wait
 Though I’ll always be your sweet Lily pad
There will be times when I make you mad
Like when I just won’t sleep at night
And keep our house a bomb-hit sight

But always when I’m fast asleep
You’ll sneak to my bed and take a peek
That’s when your angel you will see
For your sweet Lily Pad I’ll always be.
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April said...

sweetest poem ever