When Someone Loves You They Always Come Back

Happy Birthday Bradley
Here is a story I wrote just for you.
Grandma Baadsgaard
When Bradley was just about to leave for the first day of school, his little sister Isabella cried. Bradley understood.
“I know you’ll miss me Izzy,” he said. “But don’t worry. I always come back.”
Izzy wiped her eyes and wrapped her arms around Bradley’s neck. She waved from the front room window as she watched him walk to the bus stop with his friend.
Izzy played with her toys and ate lunch. She asked her mother when Bradley was coming home 367 times.
“Don’t worry,” Izzy’s mother said. “Brad will always come back.”
Izzy wasn’t sure. She watched the clock all day waiting. Then Izzy saw a big yellow bus. She asked her mother if she could go to the bus stop. Her mother took her by the hand and they walked to the bus stop together.
When Bradley stepped off the bus, Izzy ran over to him and hugged him so tight he almost fell over. Izzy always gave gigantic, enormous hugs. That was one thing Brad liked most about his new sister – her hugs and the way she smiled. Bradley liked having a mom, dad and a little sister. While Izzy was hugging him, he remembered the court hearing when the nice lady judge said that he was officially adopted by his mom and dad. Then he remembered the same lady judge a while later when his little sister was officially adopted too. The judge gave them a soft teddy bear and a candy bar. His parents told the judge they felt like they won the lottery. Everybody smiled and hugged and took pictures. Bradley told the judge he was happy to have a real family.
Then one day Bradley found out that his grandpa in Texas died. His mother and father would have to spend a week traveling there to arrange for the funeral. Bradley worried. He liked sleeping in his own bed. The next day, he was staying with his aunt and sleeping on an air mattress.
“Don’t worry,” Bradley said to Izzy when she had a hard time going to sleep. “Mommy and Daddy will come back.”
It was a long week, first he stayed at one aunt’s house, then another and for the last few days, he stayed with his Utah grandma and grandpa. Sometimes he worried that something bad would happen to his mommy and daddy and they would die like his Texas grandpa.
“When people die, do they ever come back?” Bradley asked his Utah grandma.
“When people die, their spirit leaves their body and their body gets buried in the ground. Their spirit is still alive. They can’t come back into their body for a while. But there will be a time when their spirit and body come back together and we can see them. When someone loves you, they always come back.”
On the day when his parents were expected home, his Utah grandpa and grandma drove Bradley and Izzy back over to their house. Bradley thought his daddy and mommy would be there to greet him but they weren’t. Bradley worried.
Grandma saw the worried look on Bradley face.
“Don’t worry Brad,” they will be here any minute.”
Bradley waited and waited. He looked down the street and waited some more. Then he saw his parent’s car come around the corner. When Bradley’s mom and dad climbed out of the car, Bradley ran over and gave them an enormous hug.
“What is the matter?” his mother asked when she saw a tear in Bradley’s eye.
“Nothing,” Bradley answered. “I’m just happy you’re home.”
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shirlgirl said...

What a beautiful story, Janene. It's wonderful that Bradley and Isabella have such a wonderful home, parents, and grandparents. Some children aren't so lucky. I remember your earlier blog when Isabella was adopted. Blessings to all!