The Blessing of Grandchildren

Just when you are too old to have children any more . . .  
something miraculous happens.
At our family reunion this year I watched my grandchildren playing games together.
I laughed and cried and soaked in all the love.
I always told my Father in Heaven that I sure hoped
I wouldn't have to wait too long between when I had my last child
and when my first grandchild was born.
 I didn't ever want to run out of babies.
He heard my prayer. 
I was resting in the hospital bed after giving birth
to my last child Alisa when I received a phone call from my daughter April.
"Mom," April said. "My back hurts and I can't walk very well."
Hours later my first grandson Joshua was born.
Now twenty grandchildren later I want say . . .
There is nothing more precious in this world than children.
If you can't have any of your own, 
go out into the world and find a child who needs your love.
There is nothing you do with your life
that matters more than loving a child.
Never take the gift of a child for granted.
They will teach you what you need to know.
They will lead you where you need to go.
They will show you how to love and be loved.
They will slip their heart into yours
and you will never be the same again.
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1 comment:

shirlgirl said...

Beautiful, Janene! And your grandchildren are awesome, but you know that. You have so much joy in your life--bless you.