The Tender Kindness of Friends

A few days after their son Caleb died, my daughter April and her husband Dallan opened the door to an unexpected visitor. Tom Holme and his wife stopped by to bring a gift. They said that Dallan's co-workers and friends in the BYU Athletic Department had been talking. They didn't think flowers would mean too much to Caleb's grieving brothers. So they tried to think of something that would give the boys something to look forward to. Their gift . . . a trip to Disneyland. With all the expenses of the funeral, April and Dallan knew a family vacation was out of the question for a long time. When April called and told me, she cried.
Just before the trip Caleb's younger brother asked his parents if Caleb could get resurrected so that he could come with them. Caleb was not resurrected but he was with them. I'm sure of that.
Thank you BYU Athletic Department.
And don't forget to "WINK!"
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shirlgirl said...

I read Caleb's blog about their wonderful trip to Disneyland. What a treasured gift for the family and something the boys will remember for a long time. They brought Caleb with them in their hearts. Love the picture of them with the WINK sign! Glad they had such an awesome time.

Jennie Brown Stephens said...

This just proves that there are still amazing people out there who find joy in giving. I am so happy that April's boys were able to enjoy this trip after such a hard time of having to say good bye to their sweet brother. I can close my eyes and literally SEE Caleb sitting on the rides with them, hands high in the air feeling the air blow on his face!!