Happy Birthday Emma

Happy Birthday Emma. 
Your Grandma Baadsgaard loves you so much.
I can't believe you're four years old.
You have a special sparkle in your eyes that warms my heart.
Here is a poem I wrote just for you.

Emma’s Sparkle

Granny B

Emma Mcfiddle and Widdle-we-why

Went on a trip to the great big goodbye

In one sickle-dee second she plopped on the moon

Took out her backpack and a silvery spoon

Then took a big scoop and said, “Moon cheese!”

“How delicious, give me more if you please.”

Then Emma Mcfiddle and Widdle-we-why

Shook her head and breathed a big sigh

In two sickle-dee seconds she flew to a star

She made fairy dust to spread near and far

So everything sparkled, even the grass

Then Emma drank bubbles from a sea of glass

Emma Mcfiddle and Widdle-we-why

Floated back home as she waved bye-bye

In three sickle-dee seconds she found her soft bed

She was safe at home just as she said,

“Whenever I close my eyes, I can see

I’m a star just like those in the night sky’s sea.

And when I wake and look in the mirror

My eyes always sparkle for heaven is near.”

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1 comment:

shirlgirl said...

Happy Birthday, Emma. Just love the poem for her birthday! You are amazing, Janene.