Faces of Adoption

A brand new brother and sister forever.
A brand new mother and daughter.
A brand new family.
A brand new father and daughter.
If you've ever wondered about adoption - think again.
Are there any guarantees the children you adopt will turn out just the way you'd like?
No . . . but no parent has that guarantee. 
Loving a child unconditionally will change you forever.
For where there is great love, there are always miracles.
In the end, I guarantee that you will be happy with the way you turn out.



Jennie Brown Stephens said...

I totally agree. I have seen some great miracles happen in my family from adoption. My oldest brother is adopted and I have never felt less attached to him because we dont share the same blood. We share many things, and blood doesnt matter. We share the same love for one another and I love and adore his 7 children that I call my nieces and nephews. I cherish the love he gave me during my parent divorce when he was thrown into the roll as honorary dad to be when I needed him. I love him so much and would not be complete with out him.

shirlgirl said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family--they certainly look so very happy. Congratulations again on the adoption of these two special children who are so lucky to be in such a wonderful family.

Mom to Many said...

Adoption is a beautiful thing!