Prince Rylan

This is a story written for my precious grandson Rylan
on his very first birthday.

Granny B

A long time ago in a far away land there was a beautiful princess named Aubrey who looked and looked for a long time for her prince to come. 
A long time ago in a far away land there was a handsome prince named Kyle who looked and looked for his princess to come.
But they lived far far away from each other - so they never met.
No matter how many other candidates they courted, they never could be totally happy for they were longing for their true love.
So they both kept looking - for years and years.  Sometimes they were very sad because they thought they would never find that special one.

Then one day the prince and princess were both invited to a party at the castle.  When they saw each other from across the room and looked into each other's eyes - bells chimed and lightworks exploded.

When they first spoke the princess felt she had known the prince from a time she could not remember.  The prince felt he had known the princess from a time before he could remember.  But how could this be true for they had just met?

Then a fire breathing dragon crashed the party and threatened to destroy their love.  The prince found his deep primal courage and slew the dragon.  Then they set the date for their wedding day.

On the morning of their wedding day, another fire breathing dragon appeared and threatened to kill the princess.  The princess found her deep primal courage and slew the dragon. 

Now nothing could steal away their love, for both the prince and princess knew how to slay dragons.  And so they were married. 

Then one happy day the prince and princess had a beautiful male heir.  Their titles changed from prince to King Kyle and from princess to Queen Aubrey because they loved each other and their precious child who now became Prince Rylan.  And so my friends, because there is no power greater than true love . . . nothing will ever change their happily ever after.



jEnNiE sTePhEnS said...

Such a cute story about such an amazing family. I will never forget Kyle and Aubrey's wedding day, it goes in the record books as most memorable..... love those guys! Happy Birthday sweet Rylan!

shirlgirl said...

A beautiful tribute to your daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. I LOVED the story! And Happy First Birthday, Rylan.

Aubrey Baadsgaard Poffenberger said...

He sure is my prince! Thanks for the story>