Mother Love Pioneer Style

Sandy, Emily and Libby Baadsgaard acting out a favorite family pioneer story.
During the summer we had our son and his family stay at our cabin during the Utah Pioneer Days Celebration.  In addition to good food and parades we had a family home evening where we acted out our favorite family pioneer stories. 

One of my favorites involves one of my ancestors, a pioneer mother, who had her baby stolen by the Indians living in the area.  When she asked for help to ride out and get her baby back, no one was willing to take the risk of getting killed.  So did this mother sit around wondering what to do?  No way!  She rode out by herself, found the Indian camp, located her baby, grabbed her precious child in her arms, mounted the horse and rode back home.  Did that mother think twice about the personal risk?  Probably not.  Somebody took her baby and she was willing to do anything to get that baby back. 

Mothers are like that.

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shirlgirl said...

Wow, don't fool with mothers! Loved that story.