Happy Birthday Sandy!

Dear Sandy,
Here is a story I wrote just for you because you are my most wonderful treasure.
Sandy and the Silver Purse


Grandma Baadsgaard

When Sandy turned seven her Grandmother gave her a silver purse with a diamond studded buckle. Inside the velvet lined purse was a small mirror, one sparkly hair clip, two sparkly pink earrings and three sparkly necklaces.

“I know you love sparkly things,” Grandma said. “I want you to have fun wearing your new jewelry but I want you to make me a promise.”

“A promise?” Sandy asked.

“Whenever you open your purse I want you to look in that little mirror,” her Grandma said. “When you see your own sparkle you will find the most precious treasure.”

“What do you mean?” Sandy asked.

“When you look in the mirror, you will see . . . you. Sandy, you are the most precious treasure of all. The world has lots of expensive things that dazzle our eyes,” Grandma answered, “but sparkly things can’t compete with the real treasure that is you. You are more precious than even the largest most expensive diamond in the world!”

“I am?” Sandy asked.

“Yes!” her Grandma said. “Each time you open this purse I want you to say ‘I am a beloved daughter of God. I am worth more than all the treasures in the world.”

“I am?” Sandy asked.

“Yes,” her Grandma answered. “God’s love for you makes you sparkle and shine just like these jewels. Only your sparkle comes from the love you have inside you. This jewelry will rust and break over time. You, on the other hand, will only grow more and more shimmering and full of light as you share your sparkle with those around you.”

“I like to share,” Sandy said. “It makes me feel happy.”

“Then you know the secret,” Grandma said. “Love will never fail you as long as you give it away.”

“I like to sing,” Sandy said.

“Those who wish to sing always find a song,” Grandma said. “Find your song Sandy and always share the music inside you.”

“I like to dance,” Sandy said.

“We enter and leave the stage of life so quickly,” Grandma answered. Never stop dancing. When you dance, you share your sparkle with everyone who is watching.”

“I know how to ride a two-wheeler now,” Sandy said. “It was hard and I got hurt but I learned.”

“Always keep your courage to try new things. Don’t let the sparkle of courage fade,” Grandma answered.

“I lost my two front teeth and sometimes I’m too embarrassed to smile.” Sandy said. “I think someone might make fun of me.”

“My teeth are falling out too; only mine won’t grow back. Who we are on the inside matters most. How we treat other people is what makes us beautiful. We can lose all our teeth and still be beautiful beyond measure if we love someone.”

“Sometimes I don’t do the right thing.” Sandy said.

“Me too,” Grandma answered. “We all make mistakes. But making a mistake doesn’t mean we are a mistake. God loves us just the way we are.”

“Everybody wants me to hurry but I like to live slow.”

“Listen to the rhythm inside you. Set your own pace. Be very still and you will always hear the melody inside your heart.”

Sandy opened the silver purse and looked inside. She saw her reflection in the mirror. Then she smiled.

“Is there magic in this mirror?”

“The magic is inside you,” Grandma said. “Now what are you going to say every time you open the purse?”

“I am a beloved daughter of God. I am worth more than all the treasure in the world.” Sandy answered.

“I love you Sandy,” Grandma said reaching out her arms, “to the universe and beyond.”

“I love you too Grandma,” Sandy answered as she wrapped her arms around her Grandma’s neck and kissed her on the cheek.

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