Don't Stop Having Children Too Soon

 Even though I'm fifty-seven, I have a daughter in sixth grade.  She starts her final year of elementary school on Monday.  Alisa is the last of my ten children.  Watching her grow up has touched my soul in a tender way  that only comes at the end of your children's childhood.  I'm savoring these sunset days with a singular awareness and gratitude.

Yes, my doctor told me I was too old. Yes, I'd read all the statistics about having children in your forties along with all the possible problems.  Yes, the pregnancy was difficult.  Yes, I was told my baby would have significant genetic problems.  The medical people were wrong.  My daughter was born perfectly healthy. 

Janene and Alisa

God had a gift for me and I chose to receive that gift with faith, trust and deep rejoicing.  So to all you women out there who feel too tired or too old to have more children I say, "Leave your options open.  You don't know how you will feel a few years down the road.  You don't know what message God will whisper in your ear.  You don't know what gift God is waiting to give you." 


shirlgirl said...

Just reading your story about Alisa reminds me of Becky's sister, an older twin, who after 6 boys had a beautiful daughter in February. She is in her mid-40's. Probably the same age as when you had Alisa. This baby is just absolutely gorgeous and has touched everyone's heart. She is a beautiful gift to all of us and especially to her six brothers. They just love her to pieces, and her Dad is the proudest man alive! And her Mom is having the best time dressing her. She has the deepest bluest eyes and a mop of dark brown/black hair. She doesn't live close by, so when she can come to visit, you can imagine how hard it is to try to get a chance to hold her. I just loved your post.

Julie Weiss said...

I'm 43 years old and would love to have another child. My husband would love another one, too but we worry about if we could afford another child (we have three). Is there a way to convince him that we should leave the decision up to the Lord? He has always helped us before. Thank you! Julie

Janene Baadsgaard said...

I had my son John when I was forty-three, a miscarriage when I was forty-five and Alisa when I was forty-six. These sayings always came to me when I doubted myself.

When there's room in the heart
there's room in the home.

Where God sends his little lambs. . . green pastures follow.

I'm sure that both you and your husband will know what is right for you.

All my love and best wishes.

arianne said...

I'm so glad you had the courage to have Alisa. She's a gift to all of us.

April said...

Beautiful Mom- thanks for giving us the gift of each other.

Karen said...

Wow, Alisa, you're beautiful. I am so glad my children have Alisa as a role model. She is a treasure. It is a gift to be part of your family.