Happy Birthday Libby Lou!!!

This is a special poem written for my granddaughter Libby on her fourth birthday. 
Happy Birthday Libby.  Your Grandma Baadsgaard loves you very much!

Libby likes to sing
A happy birthday song
Then play in her swimsuit
All day long

Libby likes to smile
And gives the biggest hugs
But she doesn’t like to touch
All those awful bugs

Libby likes her blanket
And her fairy tale book
She makes her own bed now
Before Mommy takes a look

Libby likes to dance
And be the wedding girl
With her best friend Cienna
She takes a stately twirl

Libby likes her new friends
So she waves good-bye
She’s off to Joy School
Princess backpack at her side

But when the day is over
And Libby rubs her eyes
She kisses her Daddy on the cheek
And breaths a gentle sigh.


April said...

Happy birthday Libby! Such a sweet poem mom!

shirlgirl said...

Happy Birthday, Libby, and I love the poem your Grammy wrote for you. It is just so special, and I'll bet you are very special too.