The Miracle of Life

Aden and Amy with baby Tessa just moments after birth.
Witnessing the birth of a new child is perhaps one of the most profoundly moving experiences of this life - even though seemingly common, the birth of each new child is still a miracle on a cosmic scale.  Each new child brings all of us hope for a better future - a message that God has not yet given up on us.    

Amy and Tessa
Most of the time when I've witnessed a new child being born, I've been the one giving birth - but a few times I've been privileged to watch as mother, father and child work together as a team to make it happen.  I am still teary eyed from my experience yesterday as I watched my granddaughter Tessa's birth.

Tessa opened her eyes as soon as she was born and peeked at the world for the first time.  She found a mother and father who love and adore her.  And a Grandmother filled with joy.

So today let's celebrate family and the courage of women everywhere who choose motherhood and courageously bring children into the world.   

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shirlgirl said...

Congratulations on your new family--Tessa is beautiful!