There is Magic in Mushy Apples

A while back I gave my daughter-in-law a bag of just-picked apples from our orchard.  A month or so later she told me she forgot to put them in the refrigerator. 

"They got old and mushy so I had to throw them away." she said.

"Oh," I answered.  "Don't you know there is magic in old mushy apples.  "With a little work, sugar and cinnamon they turn into sweet applesause."

I'm getting older myself.  When I look in the mirror I wonder who that wrinkled woman is looking back at me.

Then I remember my wrinkled apples.  Perhaps the best we have to offer comes when it seems we are past our prime - only good for retirement  But there is still magic in this old heart.  There is a mellow sweetness that only comes with age. Even though I am wrinkled, I still have much to give - to nourish and delight.

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arianne said...

I love it! And your applesauce really is amazing.