Country Living

My husband and I moved out into the country 20 years ago.  We bought a house on two acres and settled in.  We loved the wide open fields, the quiet, the star-lit nights.   We loved not being crowded.

Lately civilization is creeping up on us. They built a new high school a few blocks from our home.  Then just this week a huge crew of men with big trucks and backhoes dug a six foot trench in front of our house.  They are burying an electrical line so they can take it to a field not far from here.  They plan to build more new houses.

People often ask me if I am upset about all the development.  The truth is - I love many of the people who live in those new houses.  I love making new friends and these new people are great.  My life would be less interesting if I had not met them.  And two of my married children have built new homes in those new subdivisions and it is so delightful to have them live near us. 
So . . . yes-development is a messy, noisy and inconvenient, but it brings me beloved children and grandchildren and lots of new people to love.  

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April said...

I'm glad you like me :)