Having the Courage to try New Things At Any Age

How do we keep our zest for living as we age?  Do something you've never done before!  Have the courage to be a beginner! 

When we have a new experience physically it takes us to new territory mentally. When we let go of routine and venture into the discomfort of being a beginner, it opens dormant mental power. We feel more enthusiasm, energy and excitement for other areas of our life as well.

The power of learning and experiencing new things is contagious. Learning in one area ignites learning in another. If we are always learning or experiencing something new it keeps us in touch with how it feels during the change process.

When we were children, each day presented us with something challenging. We were constantly required to change, adapt and grow. Most adults on the other hand, ease into a comfortable rut and get stuck in stability, stagnation and safety. The wonder, curiosity and sparkle left our eyes.

All of us know someone who is old in years but still retains their zest for living. They’re fun to be around. How do they do it? They have the courage to keep trying new things. How do we get this childhood liveliness back? Learn or experience something new.

It takes humility and courage to be a beginner at any age. “Oh, I could never do that,” I hear people say when I invite them to try something. I always tell them they will never know if they never try. I hear lots of excuses – money, time, ability, talents, illness and age. In fact, if we really want to do something, we’ll find a way. 

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arianne said...

Love this post. Being with kids and learning alongside them is contagious. This week I learned how to make my own soap. It turned out so beautiful.